What's included?

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Welcome! Where focus goes, energy flows.
Where to send your successes
How to use this program
Here's the Facebook group!
The 100 Pitch Quest
Call Dates
Strategy - get your foundations right
Welcome: Intro to the strategy module
The 5 P's of Speaking
The 5 Ps Worksheet
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All About Booking Gigs
Welcome to booking gigs!
Free or Paid Gigs?
Getting Gigs at Schools
Free Gig Opportunities
Media Kit Essentials
Media Kit Essentials
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Speaker Onesheet
Coming Soon: Speaker Reel
Coming Soon: Speaker Website Page
Back End Systems (Managing emails, leads, and customers)
Welcome to the Right Tech Stack!
The Right Stack.pdf
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Email Software Comparison Videos
Pipeline / CRM Comparison Videos
Email Automation Comparison Videos
Speaker Funnels (Selling products to your audience)
Why someone will sign up with you
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Landing page and Thank You Page
Landing Page.png
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Case Study: Jen's Funnel
Outlining Emails for Warm Up Sequence
Implement Warmup Sequence
Booking Sales calls (or Taking Payments)
Google Doc folder containing templates!
Spreadsheets with Leads!
Redeeming your free 10 leads
Group Call Recordings
Call #1 5th December
Call #2 12th December
Call #3 9th January